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What a week this has been! Thanks to the freakish rain, Abid’s been home most evenings this week, and joy or joys, I’ve been able to reach home by 7:00, which means evenings out! We celebrated our “proposal anniversary” on Monday by going out for dinner. It was a low-key affair at a small restaurant that we often order in from. Since this anniversary marks the day on which he proposed to me, it’s his time to wine me, dine me, and woo me—which also means that he’s the only one doing the gifting! We went to the mall close by, from where he bought me this absolutely beautiful penguin mother and child.

While it is supposed to be a mama penguin protecting and looking over baby penguin, it’s exactly the way I feel with Abid…absolutely safe and protected in his love. What a warm and fuzzy feeling that is. (Or maybe it’s all the Love Is…cartoons I’ve been browsing through lately.)

There’s been a dearth of movies since quite some time, and I’ve been getting “popcorn withdrawal syndrome.” To remedy that, we decided to catch The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on Tuesday night. It’s a pretty interesting movie. I think the first one was much better, but that doesn’t really take away from this movie, either. It explores the importance of retaining your innocence and acting on your faith, knowing your limitations and respecting them, the futility of deceit, and the importance of believing in a little “magic.” The cutest part of the movie had to be the fighting mouse! And how can I leave out Prince Caspian—I absolutely adore Ben Barnes!

Wednesday saw us at the MGF mall. As if I don’t have more than enough books already, I had to go and check out the sale at Om Book Store, knowing full well that a trip into any book store means I come out with my wallet lighter! This time was no different—my groaning bookshelf is now also home to Hari Kunzru’s The Impressionist and Ben Okri’s The Famished Road.

We have a charity donation box in office until next week; apart from clothes and utensils, we can also donate books. I’ve made up a pitifully small list of books to give away—all of 10 books, from a stash of close to 200 books (I think)!—that I plan to drop into the box on Monday. In the meanwhile, I’ve added on still more books to my ever-expanding library—The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s 100 Years of Solitude, Meditations for Busy People by Osho and a really interesting looking book that explains solar eclipses, traces the history of tracking them, and myths and legends associated with them, called Moonshadow: Story of the Total Eclipse by Terry Manners—during a weekend trip to The Great India Mall in Noida.

Weather update: After a rainy and pleasant week, the weekend was….terribly hot! Sunny and humid, it was totally unbearable to be out during the day, though the evenings did cool down—marginally. Ironically, on Monday morning, it was all cloudy and stormy, and it rained again! No fair!

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