Spiritual Sunday #9: How to meditate

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Ever wondered exactly “how” you should meditate? What meditation is and is not, what you should wear, how you should sit down to meditate, or how to deal with any problems or distractions that arise?

Then Mindfulness in Plain English is just the e-book you need. Broken down into 16 chapters, the book covers all this and more. Here’s the table of contents to give you an idea of how the book is structured:

Chapter 1 …(Meditation: Why Should I Bother?)
Chapter 2 …(What Meditation Isn’t)
Chapter 3 …(What Meditation Is)
Chapter 4 …(Attitude)
Chapters 5 …(The Practice)
Chapter 6 …(What To Do With Your Body), General Rules, Clothing, Traditional Postures
Chapter 7 …(What To Do With Your Mind)
Chapter 8 …(Structuring Your Meditation), Where To Sit, When To Sit, How Long To Sit
Chapter 9 …(Set up Exercises), The Threefold Guidance, Universal Loving-Kindness
Chapter 10 …(Dealing With Problems)
Chapter 11 …(Dealing With Distractions, I)
Chapter 12 …(Dealing with Distractions, II)
Chapter 13 …(Mindfulness – Sati)
Chapter 14 …(Mindfulness Versus Concentration)
Chapter 15 …(Meditation in Everyday Life)
Chapter 16 …(What’s in It for You)

Click to download a free copy, (in pdf format) or read the book online.

Happy reading!

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  1. Hello! I’m visiting from SITS – I just read your comment on one of the forums which mentioned you aren’t getting any lovin’ so here I am 😀

    Thanks for posting this. I practice yoga fairly regularly and the thing I have the most difficulty with are not hard postures, but disconnecting from my brain! I tend to run at warp speed all the time, and even though I’m well on the path to zenitude, I still can’t fully disconnect. I honestly don’t think I’ll ever be able to meditate unless someone creates an OFF switch for my brain LOL!

    • Hey there Ranndomized! Thanks for dropping by and leaving some comment love! 🙂 I’m with you on the off switch for my brain!! I find I am able to meditate best to guided meditation. When someone else’s voice is guiding me through a meditation, I find I focus more on the instructions and less on the minutiate of my brains! LOL!

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