Spiritual Sunday #19: A weekly meditation

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Create a sanctuary for yourself

I recently read an article titled “A Taste of Grace: Meditations and Recipes for a Fulfilling Life” by Elizabeth Griffin, where she suggests creating some meditation time, say every week, to reflect on the events and themes of the week gone by. This reflection on outside events will reflect back our inner landscape — our beliefs, preconceived ideas and disposition. By observing the outside world, Griffin says that we will be better able to see the issues that are presenting themselves to us for our growth and healing — a belief that forms the basis of many different philosophies: Quantum Physics, Metaphysics, Buddhism, A Course in Miracles.

Once we see what is in front of us, we need to forgive it. This is the key to resolution and release, and the precursor to healing.

Here’s how to go about this meditation:

  • Sit quietly alone in a comfortable position. Keep your back rested flat against a chair or wall; it makes breathing easier during the meditation exercises.
  • Take in a deep breath. Hold it for a minute and then let it out.
  • As you breathe out, feel the concerns of the day go. All the issues from your life are still there. You are simply not focusing on them.
  • Keep breathing. Let your thoughts go for now. Feel the silence. Feel yourself without the regular worries and deliberation about your day to day life. Feel the calm when concerns or grievances no longer hold your focus. Enjoy the moment with yourself for yourself.
    • In this quiet space, look back on the week. What episodes “filled” your week? What themes or reoccurring situations appeared? What happened? Recount the events.
    • Were there circumstances that seemed to repeat themselves? Which ones? Why?
    • Was there a person who you feel is responsible for your life’s condition? Who?
    • Review everything. Take your time. There is no rush. Take the space and time you want.
  • It’s very easy to get caught up in the minutiae of the events, but the key is to take a step back and see the actions and situations as something to view, not something that involves you.
  • As you sit quietly, observe how you feel. Empty? Maybe, but you are also full of something. What is it? You are away from the specifics of life that normally define you and yet you are something. What? Observe YOU.
  • In this state of nothingness that is everything-ness, envision a White Light within you begin to grow.
    • Start from the area near your heart center. See the Light, at first a pin point that seems to open within you and grow. Bigger, wider, brighter. The Light easily spreads down throughout your body, filling it with Light.
    • You are the Light. You are the rays of Light beaming out. The Light extends to the point of no longer having borders or finite limits. There is only Light. You are here. You are you and yet you are the Light.
    • Feel the freedom. Feel the grace. Here. In Light. All-ness. Enjoy.
  • From this place, bring the observed aspects of the week you noted above to mind. Imagine writing the major themes on a white board in front of you.
  • Then one by one fold them into the Light. As you do, forgive each one. Forgive the detail or circumstance. Forgive yourself. Forgive others involved. Forgive all.
  • Allow the details and circumstances of life to meld into the Light with You. We are here together, all of us, in the Light.
  • When you are ready, take in a deep, deep breath. Feel the room around you. Feel your body. Feel yourself sitting in a meditative process.
  • Just let be. Sit peacefully and watch what happens.

You can do this meditation to some music. Click here to go through older Spiritual Sunday posts and find a piece of music that you would like to meditate to.

Hope this meditation helps you ease the cares of the week gone by.

You can read the original article here.
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