Spiritual Sunday #30: Esther Hicks on the Law of Attraction

Do you know what you want, what you really, truly, deeply want? How do you think about it? With longing…thinking “I wish….but…”or “I want…and I will achieve”? The two types of thought are very different. When you wish and think you can’t have something, chances are you won’t have it. When you know what you want and think that you will achieve it, chances are that you will. I should know. That’s how I married the hubby. We come from different religions, and in India, marriage between these two religions – Hindus and Muslims – is difficult. But I knew I wanted to be with him, and I am.This clip by Esther Hicks reinforces that belief.

Hope you enjoyed it, and were inspired by it.

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  2. Hey,
    The clip is awesome..Its soo true that if you truly believe that u want something you will surely achieve it…..you tent to focus all you energy on that thing and you normally tend to achieve it…

    • Yes, that’s why affirmations and the law of attraction works — when you focus on what you want you will take action to achieve it. The key is “take action.” You can’t just focus and sit back…

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