Spiritual Sunday #31: Thoughts become things

Have you heard of tut.com and Mike Dooley? If you haven’t, I suggest you toodle over right away and give the site a look. Go on, I’ll be waiting right here!

Mike sends out these Notes from the Universe everyday. Some of them are so spot-on, it’s spooky! In this clip, he shares the importance of visualizing your goals to make them come true.

I had used a vision board for my goals last year, and when I reviewed it in January, I found that most of the things I had visualized, did come true.

What about you? Have you ever used a vision board?

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  1. I’ve been getting “Notes from the Universe” for several months now. You’re right, they are sometimes eerily perfect for whatever is happening in my life.

  2. Actually, I did have a visual board once , but I did not follow through at that time in my life.

    I do believe in power of visualization and positive energy. I just need to practice to use it everyday. Sometimes the life gets the best of me and I forget.

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