Faux Encaustics: recipes and a step-by-step demo

Yesterday, we looked at encaustic painting, the studio set-up for encaustics, and how to make your own encaustic medium. But working with hot wax isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. And encaustics does have a sharp learning curve.

So what’s a person who loves the look of encaustics to do?
Try out faux encaustic techniques, of course!

Faux encaustics with acrylic mediums and paints

EncausticPortraitWomanThis technique can be more time consuming than encaustics, but you do have a lot more control over the project – no globby blobs of wax to deal with for sure!

Faux encaustic recipes

There are tons of faux encaustic recipes, all of which will  give you slightly different end results. The only way to find out what you love is to experiment. Here are a couple of recipes to get you started:

Spreadable Faux Encaustic Acrylic Medium Recipe

Mix together soft gel (gloss) medium, heavy gel (matte) medium and water. Begin with equal parts of gel and add water in small amounts at a time. Stir with a palette knife or skewer until you have a soft spreadable consistency. You can add more water to make it thinner, and play around with the proportion of gloss and matte mediums to change the sheen of the recipe. Apply the mixture over a swatch of light color and let it dry to see what it looks like.

Bleached acrylic beeswax recipe

Mix together 2 parts soft gel (gloss) medium, 1/2 part soft gel (matte) medium and 1 part water, along with a few drops of interference blue and gold. You can add more water to make it thinner if you like.

How to create a faux encaustic painting

The creation of a faux encaustic piece will be similar to encaustics – layers of paint and/or collage with the faux beeswax. You’ll need around 10 or so layers of faux beeswax to mimic the look of encaustics.

Take a look at this demo for an idea of how it’s done:
Check out How to Make a Faux Encaustic Background With Art Anthology by Art Anthology on Snapguide.



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  1. This world of art was so unknown to me… i never knew there was kind of a recipe for a perfect blend of color etec… so good to know all these… interesting..

    • Yes, there’s a lot of experimentation to do with faux encaustics and changing up the look of the final project.

    • Without the details there isn’t too much point to the series! Plus some of these are meant to inspire me too 😉

    • Well, most of it is drying time. So paint on a coat and leave it overnight, then come back and do it again…whenever you remember 😉

  2. Shinjin, your posts are so enchanting and I love the visuals. My 18 year old loves painting and I’m going to share the link to your AtoZ posts with her. And once the challenge is over may be the 8 year old and I can try our hand at a few of these fabulous ideas. And maybe the 18 year old might join in when she’s on break from college.
    Thank you for these!

    • I’m so happy that you’re enjoying these posts and I hope your kids are inspired to try their hand at some of these techniques too! 🙂

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