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A professional Tarot reading helps you to gain clarity and insight into issues that matter to you.

The Tarot is an ancient divination tool that works by helping you to tap into your intuition. Each card tells a story, and by reading and understanding the story each card in a spread tells, you can uncover deep wisdom and a-ha moments, often in directions you may never have anticipated.

But let’s be clear: The Tarot only indicates a possible outcome. While there are some readers who can and do predict the future, that is not how I use the tarot. I use the cards to deep dive into a situation and help you understand how best to navigate it. I believe the cards are like a wise teacher you turn to, one who shines the light on the areas that you really need to address, with love and compassion.

I currently offer three readings.

The Way Forward

book tarot reading three card reading

If you’re stuck at a cross-road or are feeling blocked or unsure about how to proceed in a certain area of life, this is the reading for you. It’s the perfect reading if you have one specific question in one area of your life.

Going Deeper

If you’re struggling with something ‘big’ – a block that you’ve been unable to overcome, a recurring pattern that you notice in your life, or something significant that has been bothering you, this is the reading for you. 

book tarot reading custom Tarot email reading

The Year Ahead

Year ahead tarot reading professional online customized Tarot readings

If you’re looking for a juicy, profound road map for the year, this is the reading for you. This isn’t your typical yearly forecast reading – it can be done at any time of the year. Think of this reading as a spiritual road map for the year ahead. 

Kind Words

"Knowing her as a person and as a creative being through her art journals, a part of me was convinced that if there was someone who could do it for me it would have to be her. She sent me a detailed email explaining each card, its implication with respect to my question and most importantly gave me clear action plans which is rare in predictions. Most people only indicate to you the flow of things, giving an action plan is a lot of responsibility. But knowing Shinjini, I knew she wouldn’t shirk and do complete justice to it. Go ahead and take this reading with her, which I feel is priced very low. I would have easily paid a lot more for it."

Richa Singh

"I simply loved the way she made away with the hocus pocus and instead explained the way of the reading with clear pictures and then explained each card and how she reads it – the entire reading became very logical to understand and showed no room for error. I kept nodding my head with each word as it all made sense to me; keeping in sync with my frame of mind. I would recommend Shinjini's readings 100% to anyone seeking one."

Shalini Baisiwala

How to get the most out of your readings

To get the most out of your reading, please keep these important points in mind while telling me about the situation and framing your question.

  • Give me a detailed background of the situation or problem that you want a reading on. The more detailed, the better I can choose or design a spread and interpret the cards for you.
  • Be honest. Don’t hide or omit relevant details, else your reading may not be accurate.
  • Do not ask a yes/no question. e.g. Will I get married this year?
  • Do not ask when and why questions. What and how questions are much better.
  • Do not ask a very broad question. e.g.: How can I get unstuck in every area of my life?
  • Ask a focused question with good level of detail.

Give me two to four days* to get back to you with your Tarot reading. I will get in touch with you in case your question is not clear, or I need more details.

* Please note: the wait time could go up depending on the number of requests. Requests will be picked in the order in which they are received. 

How does an email Tarot reading work?

After you purchase a reading, you will receive a confirmation email right away and a welcome email from me within 24 hours. Once I receive your reply, please allow 2 to 4 business days to receive your reading. The reading will be sent to you over email – I will send you a snapshot of your cards, explain the spread to you and send you a detailed interpretation. If you have any further questions on the reading, you are free to contact me within a week of receiving your reading.

PLEASE NOTE: My readings help you to find answers to your own questions. I do not believe that the Tarot predicts a "set in stone" future, and I will not tell you what is going to happen to you or when something will happen. However, I may read about the path you are on and tell you where it may be leading. I also will not tell you what another person is thinking or feeling.

Any more questions? Drop me an email at and I’ll be happy to answer them for you!

Code of ethics

I do not do third-party readings, which means that I will not read about anyone but you. Please do not ask me to look into what someone else may be thinking or feeling – not even your spouse or lover – this is unethical. Your reading will be focused on you.

Examples of third-party questions include: “Will John Doe become my partner?” “What does John Doe think about me?” orWhat will be the outcome of my relationship with John Doe? or “Will John Doe ever come out of the influence of someone else (brother, friend, parents)?” I will refuse any questions that ask about other people’s feelings, thoughts or actions.

Better ways to frame such questions: What can I do to improve my relationship with John Doe? Or What steps can I take to open up to a loving relationship?

I do not predict the future. My intention is always to help you to uncover your hidden stories and to gently guide you to your own conclusions.

My intention is always to help you to uncover hidden stories and to gently guide you to your own conclusions.

Readings are offered on the understanding that you are an adult with your own free will. Readings are not meant to take the place of legal, financial, medical or other professional counsel. I will not give any medical, legal or financial advice.

In ordering a reading, you are paying for my time and expertise in reading the cards. No refunds will be given for readings once they have been completed.

All readings are strictly confidential.

Disclaimer: This work is spiritual and intuitive in nature. Tarot readings are not intended to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies, and are not legally binding. Readings are for entertainment purposes.