Wandering Wednesday # 2: Let's have some fun!

A bored raccoon at shepreth

Feeling bored? Wanna have some fun? Image via Wikipedia

There are times when you’re bored, don’t feel like working or just wanna have some fun. Why not give these a whirl?

Ever wanted to be a fireman when you were growing up? Here’s your chance. Go put out that Inferno!

Fancy yourself to be a wordsmith? Then try your hand at spelling along with millions of other users on Lunchtimers.

Or maybe you always wanted to conduct your very own musical?

Ever wondered what you were in your past life? Find out through a quick past life analysis!

Don’t feel like doing much? No problem. All you need to do here is move your cursor around to get this Man in the dark all twisted up as he tries to keep pace with you.

Hope these fun games drove away the boredom…and didn’t get you into too much trouble!

Got any fun links you’d like to share?

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