My favorite things…

My favorite things is back…after almost a year! I’m so excited to start this series once again. No fixed days or schedule, just a bunch of beautiful, drool-worthy things shared with you as the inspiration strikes.

With the summer sun blaring down on us here in New Delhi, all I have on my mind is ice-cold drinks and easy to cook food.

Nothing beats the heat like a nice, tall glass of ice cold latte. If you consume copious quantities of this refreshing drink, head on over to Pioneer Woman and find out how to make a ice latte concentrate that you can store in your fridge.

Heavy food during summer is a complete no-no, so why not try this yummy fruit salad (recipe by Jamie Oliver)

or try out these really interesting watermelon balsamic cubes (recipe by ShowFood Chef)

If it’s cake that you fancy, but can’t bear the thought of standing in a hot kitchen whisking and beating, try this super simple, totally yummy 1-Pan Fudge Cake (recipe by Ovenhaven)

And finally, if only some desert will do, try out this yummy No Bake Orange Cheesecake (recipe by Modern Gypsy)

What are your favorite summer recipes?

Here are a few more of my other favorite things.

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  1. Oh they all look delicious. I’m fond of salads, green or fruit, fresh fruit and anything grilled outdoors on the grill – preferably by my husband!

  2. I completely agree…no heavy food when it is hot! We live in Texas and are already leaning more towards salads and raw veggie dishes rather than something cooked. Thank you for sharing these ideas, they are wonderful!

    I am stopping by from the SITS Spring Fling to say hello and nice to meet you! 🙂

  3. I LOVE the latte… Okay. Is this wrong of me? I live just around the corner (literally) from a Starbucks. I don’t allow myself to go often because I have a budget and I make pretty good coffee myself, but every once in a while, I go buy a Venti HOT Americano with an extra shot or two or three, add enough half-n-half to make the Russians proud, and bring it back to my own bistro kitchen. I then refrigerate it and make as many cold drinks as I can with it over the day or two using my … and without all the ice, I get TONS more venom and it doesn’t get watered down!

    Found you from SITS! Love your blog! It’s sooooo yummy!

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