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I’ve had home decor on my mind lately. A friend of mine is hard at work doing up a house for her in-laws. As we spoke about the latest in paints and wallpaper, fittings and furniture, I clicked online to look for some pretty do-dads for the house.

I love this blue, and the simplicity of the vase. Filled with flowers, or even empty, this vintage Swiss studio pottery vase would lend a touch of elegance to any room.

vintage swiss studio pottery blue vase

Another vase I really loved is this Royal Copenhagen vase. It’s unique, elegant, sophisticated. What a style statement!

Royal Copenhagen unique vase

But, I’m more of an artsy kinda gal, making this Turkish plate more up my alley. Lovely blue, gorgeously intricate, with great use of white space. Find a couple of more plates, and you have yourself a collection that you can hang up in your kitchen to liven it up a bit.

Turkish plate

This fun, quirky Murano glass lamp is sure to brighten up any corner and serve as a conversation starter. Don’t you just love the colors and patterns on this beauty?

Murano table lamp

And finally, a stunning ceramic sculpture by Roswell, Georgia based ceramic artist Debra Fritts.

Sculpture - Speaking To The Water

So, which one of these is your favorites?

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  1. I love the Vintage Swiss Studio Pottery Vase the most. It’s beautiful.

    I came here as your post title is the same as that of my blog, “My Favourite Things”. And we seem to write about the same things too, more or less 🙂 You have a very nice blog.

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