Looking back at 2019: Reflections on Flourish

Flourish. That was my word for the year. It felt like the perfect combination of growth and ease after the very gentle energy of Bloom in 2018. And a perfect combination it has been. So much has happened in 2019, that I’m still wrapping my head around it all. Flourish helped me to deepen and […]

On my art table: Angel’s Wings + dreaming an impossible dream

Are you afraid of your dreams? Those big dreams and desires that seem to come out of nowhere and spill into your journal. The ones that seem to come from an expanded state, but that make ‘little you’ want to retreat into your shell because it seems TOO BIG and TOO IMPOSSIBLE a dream to […]

Art Bundle for Good #4 is Here!

The Art Bundle for Good #4 is now on sale! And I’m SO excited to be contributing to this bundle, alongside some of the stalwarts from the world of mixed media arts. I’ve purchased ecourses from a lot of these folks in years past, and have learnt SO MUCH from each of them! This is […]

5 of my favorite art supplies and why you should try them too

Me: “See, I can finally fit all my art supplies into one box!” Husband: “Stop calling our house a box.” That’s {almost} a true story. What can I say, I love buying {and hoarding} art supplies! Acrylics, inks, watercolors, fabric paints, acrylic mediums, gel mediums, crayons, pastels, pencils, brushes, brush pens, paint pens, foam rollers, […]

Depth year update

Six months into 2019, and I think it is the perfect time to pause, check-in with my intentions for the year, and course correct as needed. At the start of this year, I happily embarked on a depth year {you can read more about what a depth year is here and my depth year framework […]

On my art table: Enter the mystery

I’ve been spending some time at the painty table almost every day since last month, when I started my 100 day project. This immersion in painting intuitively has been a learning experience in more ways than one. One the art front, I’ve found new supplies that I enjoy using; experimented with different tools for mark […]

{F} Fun, fearless backgrounds

Now that we’ve spoken about supplies and collecting ephemera, and gone into the basics of color theory, it’s time to bring out the paints and create! Let’s start with backgrounds. Here are three of my favorite background techniques. Technique 1: Spread some color

100 day project: Making my own washi tape

I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t be doing a 100 day project this year. I didn’t feel like committing to a project for 100 days {like 100 days of soul fueled abstracts, which I did in 2021}, and I wasn’t in the mood for a working project, either {like 100 days of painting intuitively, […]

How to paint an abstract owl: A step-by-step tutorial

Paint with me! Full video tutorial + a step-by-step demonstration. There’s something about owls — mysterious, wise creatures of the night with a gaze that can pierce your soul. I end up painting an owl at least once every year in my moon journal, which is where I create an intuitive ritualistic painting every new […]