Tarot reading: Going Deeper


An in-depth professional email Tarot reading to help you to gain clarity and insight into issues that matter to you.

NOTE: If you’re based outside India, please click here to send a payment for US$45 via PayPalMe. My current payment gateway doesn’t support international payments.



This is where we go deep – career or relationship advice, breaking out of recurring patterns, overcoming blocks, worrying situations, difficulties in making a particular decision – these are just some of the areas that are covered with this Tarot reading.

Depending on your question, I will design a Tarot spread for your situation or use a pre-existing spread that I use and love to help you answer these questions.

The kinds of questions and issues this Tarot reading can answer:

Money blocks

Career guidance

Relationship questions

Finding inner peace

Decision making – choosing between 2-3 options

To get the most out of your reading, please keep these important points in mind while telling me about the situation and framing your question.

    • Give me a detailed background of the situation or problem that you want a reading on. The more detailed, the better I can choose or design a spread and interpret the cards for you.
    • Be honest. Don’t hide or omit relevant details, else your reading may not be accurate.
    • Do not ask a yes/no question. e.g. Will I get married this year?
    • Do not ask a very broad question. e.g.: How can I get unstuck in every area of my life?
    • Ask a focused question with good level of detail.

For example:
Parul * told me that she was feeling stuck and her life wasn’t going anywhere. She was looking after her aged grandmother, and felt like her life revolved around that and work. She had no social life to speak of, no significant other, and no way to go out and meet anyone. This pattern of being stuck and alone was something she had noticed throughout her life. She wanted to figure out what was keeping her stuck, what she could do to overcome it, and how she could move forward with her life.

* Not her real name

Give me two to four days** to get back to you with your Tarot reading. I will get in touch with you in case your question is not clear, or I need more details.

** Please note: the wait time could go up depending on the number of requests. Requests will be picked in the order in which they are received. 

Images are for representational purposes only

How does an email Tarot reading work?

After you purchase a reading, you will receive a confirmation email right away and a welcome email from me within 24 hours. Once I receive your reply, please allow 2 to 4 business days to receive your reading. The Tarot reading will be sent to you over email in PDF format, and will include an image of the cards drawn, an explanation of the spread used and a detailed interpretation. If you have any further questions on the reading, you are free to contact me within a week of receiving your reading.

PLEASE NOTE: My readings help you to find answers to your own questions. I do not believe that the Tarot predicts a “set in stone” future, and I will not tell you what is going to happen to you or when something will happen. However, I may read about the path you are on and tell you where it may be leading. I also will not tell you what another person is thinking or feeling.

Disclaimer: This work is spiritual and intuitive in nature. Tarot readings are not intended to be a replacement for licensed medical care or prescribed therapies, and are not legally binding.