This & that & Cleo!

It’s been ages since I’ve had any time for myself! Work seems to have taken over my life. I work non-stop while in office; when I’m back home I’m planning the next day and working on providing feedback to my editor colleague; and these days, I’m looking (or trying) to look at a thought leadership report that needs to get converted into a microsite! Fun! I finally had enough, so I’m giving my work laptop a break and goofing off on the internet instead!

Looking at the tags that I use the most on my blog, work seems to be the biggest one of them all. How sad is that?!? It’s like my life is skewed, and there’s no time for anything else except work anymore. So, even though part of this post is a work-related rant, I refuse to tag it as such! Yeah, anything to make me feel better!

Speaking of which, the other feel-good-factor in my life these days is our new pet rabbit — Cleo! She’s an Australian albino rabbit — snow white with red eyes — and she’s a total doll! You can make her do almost anything if you dangle some food in front of her!

We generally leave her locked in the loo when we’re at work, so she isn’t confined in her cage all day and gets some excercise. When we’re back, if we move around the house and don’t open her up within 5 mins or so, she starts scratching at the door wanting to be let out. Once out, she first wants to be cuddled and given some food, and then she’ll follow us all over for a bit. After that she starts exploring around, but every time we move around, she’ll drop whatever she’s doing and come running towards us! Pets really and truly are therapeutic!

Here are a couple of her pictures. For more, head over to my Picassa album, which will be constantly updated, of course!

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