The art of living, and loving….

The stories that inform our lives…the books that shape us and move us and make us laugh…the things we care passionately about…the rabbit holes we like to fall into…these form the weft and weave of our lives….this is a little slice of mine, perhaps you’ll see parts of yourself reflected back, too?


Let’s pretend that we’re sitting around the campfire, sharing slice of life stories; some rather philosophical musings on legacy, the meaning of home, and the like; a dash of poetry; and more.

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Book reviews

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Looking for something to read? Take a look at my bookshelf, where I’ve categorized books by genre, or check out some book reviews to help you make your next book selection!


Indulge your armchair traveler with the sights and sounds of destinations across India, and perhaps a foreign destination or two.

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Essays on a range of topics – from women’s issues and my thoughts on living a childfree life, to social media, ideology and more.

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