Hi! I'm Shinjini

I’m an artist, tarot reader, writer, and seeker of soul.

I’m sharing my journey and discoveries along the path to inspire you to create a more artful, soul-centred life. I believe that writing is medicine, art is therapeutic, and the tarot is a powerful tool for self-development, soulful guidance and deep inner work.

Combined, all of this is pure magic! And I’m thrilled to share this magic with YOU!


Ready to let in some magic? Let’s do it together!

Take an ecourse: art, tarot, journaling, there's a lot to explore here!

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Studio Diaries


A gathering place for artists and creatives, away from the performative pressure of Instagram, from the emptiness of vanity metrics, from the constant demands that the attention economy can put on our mind-space and time.

Every week, you will receive notes from my studio, ranging from:

» Pages from my art journal, along with some notes on the creative process

» Behind-the-scenes in my studio — works in progress, process videos, studio additions, or tips on how to use art supplies

» Notes on the creative life and on other ideas that capture my interest {productivity, journaling, mindset, etc.}

» Sources of inspiration — interesting classes, art/writing challenges, inspiring videos and/or podcasts

» Chats + discussion threads to talk about our art practice and share our art

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