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A cozy, comfy space buzzing with creative vibes, away from the performative pressure and cacophony of Instagram, from the constant demands that social media and the attention economy can put on our mind-space and time.

We have regular studio sessions every Friday, which is when I send out weekly notes from my studio. You can look forward to:

» Pages from my art journal, along with some notes on the creative process

» Behind-the-scenes in my studio — works in progress, process videos, studio additions, or tips on how to use art supplies

» Notes on the creative life and on other ideas that capture my interest {like productivity, journaling, mindset, etc.}

» Sources of inspiration, which will include links to articles, interesting classes, art/writing challenges, inspiring videos and/or podcasts

» Chats + discussion threads to talk about our art practice and share our art

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Kind words

“I love receiving your emails because they serve as a reminder that I am a spiritual being living in a sometimes challenging world. They remind me to pay attention to my thoughts and that every moment, I am creating my life. In fact when I interact with others, I realize they are too. No matter where I am, and where others are, I understand we are all trying to find our way to enlightenment, however we define it.” – Nikki

“Your letters are beautifully written and insightful…with generous offerings that have real soulful substance to them while being simple to apply.” – Layla G

“I really enjoy your letters! I always feel so uplifted and energized when I read them. But, the best part is there are always little nuggets of information and suggestions for helpful practices, so I really do feel like I come away with something great! Thank you so much for all of your letters and for the time and energy you have put into them all.” – Barbara Holt

“Thank you for sharing your gentle problem-solving techniques. I’m definitely adding it to my personal growth toolbox!” – Mudpiequeen

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for everything– your podcasts are my absolute favorite, and your emails are just beautiful and always thought provoking and helpful and your website is just full of creative inspiration. You’ve helped me through the last year or so in so many ways. My art practice is still in its infancy, but I’m getting there. Thank you.” Laura Works