Portugal has arrived!!

In the most exciting match of FIFA 2010 so far, the brilliant Christiano Ronaldo led his band of 11 merry men to a resounding 7-0 victory over DPR Korea.

You really can’t call Korea a weak team, they did manage to hold Brazil 0-0 till the second half after all. However, they changed their strategy since that game, from a defensive to an attacking one, and that appears to have gone against them. It doesn’t take anything away from Portugal, however, which gave the Koreans a masterclass in football!

(images from fifa.com/getty images)
There was some brilliant passing from Ronaldo, who set up a number of goals. Plus, when his shots missed the target, his usual theatrics were missing, showing how he has matured as a captain for his team.

“I am always happy to score, but the credit must goes to my teammates,” said Mr. Ronaldo, who was named player of the game. “We were fantastic today.”

Now, what do you have up your sleeve for Friday’s game against Brazil, Mr. Ronaldo?

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  1. I amstill gunning for brazil. Their game against ivory coast was extremely entertaining. Argentina and portugal are extremely strong this time though. Glad France is out though 🙂

    Next out italy?? What do you think?

    • Brazil is one of my favorites too, so I’m going to have a hard time on Friday, when Portugal take on Brazil…won’t know who to cheer for!!
      France put up a truly dismal show…and Germany was shaken up too, after their initial 4-0 victory over Australia! Italy should make it through to the round of 16; England looks shaky, though.

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