Here’s what my horoscope said for today:

A cat caught by surprise

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You’re bound to feel creative today. Rather than engaging in something physically active, consider exploring your artistic side. Try your hand at painting, writing or a craft like floral arranging. Explore the essence of color and imagination.

Creative expression is not only a means to communicate with others but also with yourself. Take the time to learn more about this part of you. You may be surprised!

I almost fell out of my chair when I read it! I’ve been involved in creative tasks since morning, even before I read my horoscope for the day. I updated my photoblog, Shutterbug, and am busy designing a blog button for it since morning. It’s very rare for my horoscope to actually be this accurate, so I’m going to plan some creative time for later in the day too. It may be time for some photography or altered art this evening!

Have you experienced such synchronicity lately?

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