A new start

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Happy new year!
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Here’s a toast to new beginnings and happy endings…to love and life and joy…to a brand new year…a fresh slate…Happy 2011!

This year will be a fresh start for me – the first Monday of the year is the day I started a new job! The first day was…boring…joining formalities, paper work, the system wasn’t ready, and when it was, I had no access to emails.

It appears, though, that work will start almost immediately – as soon as I have access to email that is – which is good, I guess. It also sounds like there will be a constant flow of work, which I don’t mind, except for the fact that I am the only editor there, so I don’t know how vacation time will work out. I guess all that I can do is to wait and watch.

It was a bit strange today, though, to not go to my old workplace, and I missed all of my colleagues and friends there. That’s the worst bit about changing jobs – and this was a move I made after four years – the longest I’ve spent at a company!

I look forward to a fruitful working environment, though, and hope that things work out well. Wish me luck!

How did your new year start?

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