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I’ve been checking out the Google Art Project, and it’s been fun! As I was browsing around the website though, I got to thinking about how much technology has evolved.

Remember My Space? It started as a place to hang out and make friends, for artists to get noticed, to upload their music. Then came Facebook, and now My Space is history.

In this constantly evolving technology scene, there’s a lot that’s being done to foster and promote creativity. There are places like Flick and Piccasa where you can share your photography and art work and connect with millions of artists from around the world. Your Flickr stream can work like a catalog for your photography, or you could start up a photo blog to showcase your pictures.

If you’re a musician, there are sites like where you can upload your music for everyone to hear. If you’d like, you can even allow listeners to download your tracks.

Not to be left behind, even smartphones have some cool apps that allow you to create and share. There’s LaDiDa, a reverse karaoke app for people like me with limited musical abilities. Instead of forcing you to sing a song in a specific key, the app will automatically choose the key and change the chords for you so that all you have to do is sing. Here’s a demo:

Then there are apps like the Pudding Camera, that gives you a combination of different kinds of camera and film and allows you to click some really creative pictures. This picture was clicking using the Fantasy camera and a Noir film. Pretty cool, eh? That’s straight from the camera, absolutely no post processing involved!


If you’re an artist, there are a ton of applications for you, like Anatomy for Artists: Proportions, which that offers a high-quality reference guide for artist.

There are so many cool innovations and applications that are making it easier and simpler for people to create and share online.

What are some of your favorite places to share your creations, and which are your favorite apps?

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    • Oh do! I enjoy reading about new technology, and since I got involved as a guest writer on a technology in everyday living website, I thought it would be great to do some tech posts here too. 🙂

  1. Popped in from SITS! I’m just now tiptoeing into Twitter and facebook, since I couldn’t join for so long because of my work. I can’t wait to get more involved with the social media for writers!

    • hehe! I generally keep up with social media on my iPhone since most of those sites are blocked at work. I try to catch up with blogs on the weekend or whenever I go online at home cause a lot of blogs are also blocked. Bummer! I answer most comments on my blog through my iPhone (seriously, how did I survive before I got this awesome gadget? ;)). Luckily SITS opens at work, so at least I can keep up with my SITSahs.

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