I love my life!

There are days when I find myself moaning and groaning my way through everything, and then those other truly wonderful days when all’s right with the world. I don’t know about you, but me, I can yo-yo between the highs and the lows and the in-betweens pretty quick. For all those not-so-high days, there are a few things that I need to remember…a few reasons why life is so beautiful.

I’ve been blessed with a good workplace – the timings are great, work-life balance is pretty good, people are OK, work’s not too bad…

…there are days when I wish I had more work and days when I wish I had less, but hey, at least I’m not staggering under the weight of unending work!

I love being able to drive down to work – I’ve been doing that since about 5 years now. Yes, the traffic can suck, and there are days when the insane number of vehicles on the road drives me nuts, but I still enjoy my drive…my music…my thoughts…my pace…my freedom!

Watching the rain through my windscreen

I love my girlfriends! I enjoy our plans to meet up over the weekend, or on Friday night…our spur-of-the-moment plans to meet for lunch and shopping…our gossip sessions and our crazy giggles.

There are so many, many things to love – like my crazy cat Pepo and my darling hubs…my peaceful home and quiet neighborhood…my loving parents and crazy sister…the bright sunshine and God’s beautiful, natural world…it’s a long, long list.

Life…it’s beautiful!

What do love about your life?

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  1. Nice post, but you forgot to mention your love for me 😉

    It’s nice to stop and think about what you’re grateful once in a while; I find that it puts things into perspective, you know?

    I’m way behind on reading my blogs so you may see a sudden increase in comments from me in the next day or two, LOL.

  2. catching up with your posts… I photographed a belly-dancer yesterday and thought of you…your header always comes to mind when I am around dancers…lol

    and yes, life is beautiful…

  3. The people in your life can really make so much of a difference. I used to drive to work and I really enjoyed that time too, somewhere in between work and home to myself – kind of like a transition from one world to another and a change in attitude from one place to another too.

    • Oh yes…the drive to and from work is exclusive “me” time…and I love it, even if all I do is listen to music. There are times when I also use my driving time to give myself pep talks…if someone heard me then, they’d think I was quite mad! 😉

  4. Yes, life IS beautiful! I love spending time with my friends, traveling, cooking, and living fully in each moment. That means slowing down and appreciating every detail of each moment – like the fact that I have a computer I can read this post on and that I’m blessed with two functioning hands that can type this comment. Life is good, and God is great! : )

    • I think that’s so important — “slowing down and appreciating every detail each moment.” In our hectic lives, we all forget how important it is to just be still, to be present in the moment, and sometimes even to do {gasp!} nothing.

  5. Love your story on why you love your life. Your travels through your mind and life are interesting to share. Commuting can be a time to absorb the music, be alone, yet be in the crazy traffic, feel alive.

    I love quiet escapes from humankind. Sometimes people talking starts to just sound like noise to me, what are they saying, does it mean anything, so I escape into quiet or maybe not so quiet because I like music in the background. The noise of the World can be jarring.


  6. My father has an insane job and although he is in his 70s still travels 200 days a year! Whenever we talk and either of us has had a bad day we ask each other to “tell me something good from your day.” This makes us think and we can always find something….
    My husband and I have also sort of adopted this ritual. So important to reflect on the positive.

  7. I love your post! And I’ve noticed that now that spring is starting to arrive where I live, that I’m much more optimistic…and energized. I love that!

    Stopped by from SITS today 🙂

    • The weather does play a huge role in our moods. It’s just the start of summer where I am, so I’m still happy. Once it gets hot & muggy, I’m going to need to read this post once a day! 😉

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