Hit by an epiphany

All marriages have their ups and downs, fights and make up scenes. There have been times when I have found myself wondering why I ever got married, telling myself that I am not marriage material, and on occasion, wondering what it would be like to be free. This is not to say that I have fallen out of love with the husband, because I love him to pieces, I really do. It’s justΒ a reflection of how hot-headed I can be, and how irrational I can get when I’m really angry.

However, while browsing through PostSecret a while back, I came upon this secret, and it made me pause and think — is it worth it to get so angry that I become totally irrational? I know that the momentary thoughts that I have are just that — because once I cool down, I realize just how much I love the husband, how much he means to me, and how well we complement one another.

divorce and make up

Have you ever wanted out of something, only to find out that you want back in? Or did the secret above give you a sense of epiphany, the way it did to me?

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  1. I don’t feel this way about my ex-husband EVER. But my current BF and I did break up for about a year, and I found myself feeling that way then. Thankfully we both worked on ourselves and were able to come back together.

  2. after 12 years of marriage I can tell you many times I wanted to run…Leave him and children behind. Ride a Vespa with the wind in my hair while I with no restrictions explored. But I know that feeling would wear off quickly and feel bad for even think about it and so I am here 12 years later πŸ˜‰

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