Year-end Wrap-Up: Top 10 lessons I learnt in 2012

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1. I enjoy cooking! Not everyday cooking, but trying out new, interesting recipes that make people’s jaw drop in awe. 😉 This was a year when I tried some great new dishes, and  all of them turned out really well. So well, in fact, that it can serve as an alternate career! From yummy pastas to baked fish and roast chicken, I served it all on the table with elan.

2. I’ve got no head for finances, or rather, for tracking investments. I’ve let things slide too long, though. Next year, I’m going to work on changing that for sure.

3. It is easy to hoard and difficult to purge. Just the thought of having to go through boxes and boxes of stuff is enough to make me want to raise my hands above my head and run screaming! But I also have some serious tenacity when I choose to exercise it, and so I’ve been chipping away at the mess bit by bit.

4. I enjoy having friends over for lunch or dinner. One, it’s a great excuse to clean up the house. Two, I quite enjoy the menu planning. Three, and most importantly, I love playing host to good friends…the laughter and conversation are balm to my soul.

Easy nutella cupcake5. I can bake! After all the heartbreak, this was the year when I finally managed to bake not one, but two different cakes, and both of them turned out yummy! The Nutella cupcakes were heavenly, and the one-pan fudge cake was so soft and moist that I could probably eat all of it in one go, just from sheer gluttony!

6. I like my solitary Saturdays…not for too many Saturdays consecutively, mind, but I love having the entire day to myself – to cook, to read, to blog, to just be…

7. I enjoy Twitter. Finally, after such a long time being on the platform, I “get it”! I enjoy my interactions with fellow tweeps, I like sharing interesting articles I read, and I love all the amazing articles, tips and thoughts shared by the wonderful people I follow. And of course, the highly enjoyable Sunday Book Club – TSBC!

Stack of books8. A floor-to-ceiling bookcase looks good, but is a pain to clean. It took me 3 days and a major headache to get this monster cleaned, but now I know, too, that it’s a job that should be done every month if I am to retain my sanity the next time I am bitten by the cleaning bug.

9. I love traveling, and when I don’t travel enough, I get cranky. Enough said.

10. Beautiful blue skies (and this is a very specific kind of sky) make me happy. They really do! We don’t get too many of those here in Delhi, but on the days we do, nothing – and I mean NOTHING – can make me unhappy!

Over to you! What was the one biggest lesson you learnt in 2012?

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  1. Not fair ! That’s no floor to ceiling bookshelf 😉

    Many lessons learnt this year, some of them reiterations of earlier lessons not learnt well. But that’s life isn’t it? The biggest lesson learnt has been to always trust my instincts and not analyse stuff to death ! 🙂

    • Ah…I was too lazy to click a picture, transfer it & then edit it! 😉

      That one’s always a biggie – over-analyzing really doesn’t help. All it does is get you more freaked out!

  2. Hey, bingo for a few points up there.
    I’ve lately had my share of baking.
    I loooveeeeee travelling. Twitter came to in 2012 too, i mean in the real using sense. 😀

  3. I am still going through my notes for the year …. I have learn’t ‘much’! What I love about you is that you translate ‘yourself’ beautifully and it sounds like you have had a good 2012. Bring on 2013 – I have a feeling it is going to get better and better xx

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