#PocketFullOfArt: Approach this work with devotion

This simple, small little spread took me three days to finish, largely due to the lack of time.

I’ve been using my daily Tarot pulls as inspiration to create a small spread in my tiny art journal {almost} every day. The goal was to finish a page a day; however, I’ve come to realize that isn’t always possible, even though I am working small. And that’s OK.

The biggest point of the Pocket Full of Art initiative is to create some art everyday, in the pockets of time that we have available to us. To come each day to the table, open to the possibilities and the emotions. To express ourselves with paint and paper, or origami folds, or with a cross-stitch or any other form of art.

On some days all I can do is smoosh some paint on the pages and create a luscious background.

Because when we approach art as devotion, with mindfulness and curiosity, that is where the portal to magic opens.

Some days, we may be able to lose ourselves in our creation, lose all concept of time. On others, we may find ourselves putting in ten minutes, or fifteen, at a stretch or during the course of the day.

However we approach this work, for however long we spend at our creative endeavor, it’s OK. It is enough. It is beautiful and sacred and A-OK.

When I had a bit more time, I come to page to add doodling and lettering. The last step of adding a bit of paint in the letters and doodles was done on the third day, in a small little window of time.

So  gather around in the Pocket Full Of Art Facebook group and share process notes, discoveries, finished work, work in progress. Share what delights you and scares you. Share what you are dreaming about and what you are hoping to create.

Approach this work with devotion, and you will find that it is a gift that keeps on giving.

This spread was inspired by this video by the lovely Effy Wild.

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  1. I try to doodle when I get time, most days it is as little as 5 minutes but I love spending a bit of time doing something which refreshes my mind. I loved your art work, Shinjini. Little by little you have created a great work. 🙂

    • Daily practice is so important – not only to improve at art, but as a practice to finding yourself (at least for me!) Why don’t you join us in the Facebook group? It’s a nice safe space to share your art and stay inspired.

  2. In the recent past I have been trying doodling, comic strips and zentangles. I am not that good, but I will get there one day. ?
    And the spread looks beautiful! Its a proof of how important consistency is.

    • Consistent practice will make you better and better, that’s for sure! Join in the Facebook group and share what you’re doing with us, if you’d like! 🙂

  3. I doodle at meetings or at random times. It is good practice for drawing and painting. I also took an online art class, where I learned how to incorporate doodling into a painting. That was fun.

    • Doodling and painting are therapeutic, I believe! Online art classes are a good way to start tapping into our creativity, for sure!

  4. I. cannot. seem. to. take. my. eyes. off. your. art. journal. So very pretty. I am coveting it so much I have to make one now! ♥ beautiful, Shinjini! It is the size that absolutely gets me 🙂 Thank you for brightening my day!

    • Makes me so happy to hear this, Vidya. Thank you!! The size is perfect for a quick art spread. Not too big, not too small. I’d love to see what you make! 🙂

    • I came to art journaling from a long (and continuing) journaling practice. I sure hope you pick up paints and brushes soon – it’s just another way of expressing yourself!

  5. Beautiful artwork 🙂 I think once my studies have finished I need to dedicate more time to being creative. I find it difficult because my head is so ‘academic’ right now, although blogging does prove to be an outlet 🙂

    • Thank you, Jo! Maybe a creative outlet can help you clear “academic” head. {Yes, I’m totally trying to push you into creativity sooner rather than later} 😉

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