Monthly Tarot Forecast for August 2017

July has been super busy – so crazy, in fact, that it took me a day to realize we are in August already! But as they say – better late than never! Let’s take a look at what the coming month holds, shall we? Here are your cards:

Tart Forecast for August 2017

Remember, this is a general Tarot reading for August and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know this month.

This month gives you the opportunity to really take ownership of your projects and deliver them to the best of your abilities.

This could be a creative project. Perhaps there’s an idea or story you’ve been working on for a while. Chances are you already have a lot {or all} of the pieces in place. This month, you’ll be able to piece it all together, flesh it out, and put it into shape.

At work, it could look like stepping up to take the lead on a big project; taking more ownership of your own work and career path; or simply finding deeper clarity about your next steps and goals.

On the personal front, a big project {reorganizing the cupboard, creating a fitness schedule} could be at the forefront. This is the perfect month to pull up your sleeves and get it done. Out-of-the-box thinking and adopting a creative approach to problem solving will really help you meet your goals this month.

With so much fiery, creative, doing energy, there is a very real chance that you may completely neglect to take some time off. That could throw things off balance – after all, too much fire can lead to burnout, and if the previous month was also intense, this possibility becomes all the more real.

Of course, the opposite could also hold true. You may have all this passion, but not be able channel it well because you’re too distracted with all the events and meet-ups and gala get togethers around you. If that is the case, ask yourself if you’re saying yes to all-the-things just so you can avoid doing THE thing.

But if you can strike a balance between both these energies , you will be able to find a grounded, balanced approach to managing huge projects seemingly effortlessly. This could lead to a productive month with tangible results to show at the end of it; and could very well set the stage for bigger and better things going forward!

I hope this reading resonated with you. Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. Thank you for this lovely forecast. I love the energy and potential this month brings to the table 🙂 As you rightly said, striking a balance between work and play is very important. I alternate between having a great time and toiling hard to complete my work. Some cheat days add to the mix 🙂 I have done crystal and Angel healing and am in the process of learning tarot card reading 🙂

    • I’m so glad this reading resonated with you Sulekha! All the best with finding a balance between work and play, and with learning the Tarot. It’s such a rich, multi-layered system, and there’s so much wisdom you can gain from the cards! I hope you enjoy it.

  2. I do need to pull up my sleeve and finish a lot of blog related work like finding a new home, taking a backup and perhaps decide whether I want to do my e-book or not!!! And yes need both the passion and the energy to come together to channel all of it into reality!! Damn neat advise for me!

    Love the visuals on the cards – what deck are they from Shinjini?

    • So glad it resonated with you, Shalini! All the best with finding a new blog host and getting all your projects accomplished.

      This is the Dreaming Way tarot – it’s a beautifully illustrated deck; I love it!

  3. Just what I need right now! I’m in real need of some inspiration and focus this month, Shinjini! July has been awful with too many factors creating havoc on the personal front (and still continues btw! ) I’d been meaning to work on the blog and give it the much-needed love and attention but looks like will have to put it on hold now. I do wish to continue to write though because it keeps me sane and wards off the negativity levels.

    • Sending you a big hug, Esha! Be gentle with yourself and see how best you can manage both your personal issues and your writing, which seems to bring you so much comfort. xx

  4. Taking ownership of my projects and deliver is what I need to do regarding my work and blog too. Have a lot of back-end work that I need to complete for my blog. Your forecast has inspired me to set the ball rolling. Thanks, Shinjini!

  5. Something we should all ask ourselves more often: “ask yourself if you’re saying yes to all-the-things just so you can avoid doing THE thing.” Frequently, yes. 🙂

    I don’t know if I’m happy to be included in this month’s general reading, yet, or not! We shall see – ask me again at the end of the month.

  6. Yes, I’ve got to put that energy to use with the general cleaning and organizing project and the gardens that I work on and with my various other projects, including the upcoming seven day challenge!

  7. Omg this is so me right now! I started writing a story 17 years ago and due to life I couldnt continue. I decided that August… my month of holidays as a teacher, I would continue it and Ibhave managed 10,000 words in 4 days so far!

  8. Interesting! I just submitted my manuscript to a contest, and have two other books, one a work in progress and one just an idea, that need some love and attention. I wonder if August is the perfect time to dive into these projects? Sounds like it!

  9. Balance is indeed the word! My balance is tilted in the wrong direction at present and I need to take on board positive energies like this post to step back and rethink things. I have book projects galore to finish and no time; well, I say no time…we return here to balance and the tilt being tilted!

    Good points and, I wonder, can you do tarot readings on fiction characters??

    • Balance is super important, isn’t it? And time, we are all guilty of wasting too much of it – I know I am! I tend to waste it most when I have a ton on my plate – avoidance tactic, perhaps?

      And yes! You sure can do all kinds of fun stuff with Tarot for fiction writing. From using it as a way to brainstorm plot ideas, drawing up character sketches, and even trying to figure out how a character might behave in a certain situation. 😉

      • You would not believe how many bloggers open to this sort of discussion. Or maybe you would lol. Mindfulness and positivity is something people post about a lot. It might be these people (including me) have been touched by bad places and are trying to move fowards again. Balance is an essential aspect of doing that. We all have to do chores and dull stuff, but if that’s all we do the brain normalises on being without purpose of self. It paralyses motivation and the outcome is wasting time available not doing you (me) things. Enter procrastinating. I think you are dead right too, when there is a ton on your plate the un-mindfull mind will overwhelm and time slips past with almost nothing gets done at all!

        As for tarot and fiction, that sounds like a bit of fun. I can’t say I know a great deal about it, but it might be a fascinating exercise for character development. ?

        • Aren’t we all touched by bad places? It’s just part and parcel of living. But we do need to remind ourselves for the need for balance and for doing something more than just the normal motions of living. That’s what makes our lives more interesting, non?

          Tarot would be a fascinating exercise for character development! If you’re interested, you may want to check out a book called Tarot for Writers. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard lots of good things about it.

          • That we are, the main difference is in the magnitude of highs and lows drifting about the “norm.” I saw my levels fluctuate wildly when my therapist showed me the data collected over a few weeks. That was after I decided things were not right and started a mindfulness course and CBT. Clawing back from that was, and still is, not easy. That said, its dead useful to draw on for psychological writing!!

            Totally agree that small fluctuations about the norm at entirely par of life’s rich tapestry and, as you rightly say, we must remind ourselves all the time about balance and boundary challenging.

            As for the boo; well lets just say Amazon is visiting tomorrow now 🙂

          • It can be really hard to claw back from dark places. But I can also see how those dark places can help with psychological writing. It’s all so messy sometimes – this thing we call life. But we got to keep coming out and fighting I guess!

            How is your mindfulness course going? And what is CBT? Don’t think I’ve heard of this.

            Hope you had a happy Mail day 😉 Do let me know what you thought of the book!

  10. So true; easy to fall in and a real battle to get out again. Can’t complain wrt writing though; without it the depth of some characters would not be quite there; although I may be writing humour instead!!

    The mindfulness course was last year and it was very helpful; More so in rationalising how the mind works in a cognitive way. which lead me to CBT which is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. That was a referral form my GP and is used to try and alter the way you think about things wrt anxiety and depression. Doesn’t work for everyone mind.

    Book arrived too; not going to get a good look though until at least next week now !!

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