Tarot reading for March 2018

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to see the end of February! The month has been marked with allergy attacks and a general sense of discontent, but March blew in with a breath of fresh air. Maybe some of it has to do with the fact that the month started with a four-day weekend, most of which I have spent at the painty table! Anyhoo! Without further ado, here’s your tarot reading for March 2018.

Tarot reading for March 2018

Remember, this is a general Tarot reading for March and my intention with this one was: What do my blog readers need to know this month.

March starts on a breath of fresh air! The Sun is associated with passion and optimism, fresh energy, and a go-getting attitude. There’s a feeling of optimism in the air, and the promise of new beginnings. You may start a new project at work or finally commit to a personal project that’s close to your heart. If you were in a situation that was causing you some anxiety or trouble, there’s a good chance for a fresh perspective or a shift in the situation. March will also be an excellent month to begin a routine or incorporate a new habit that you may have been putting off. The energy of this month will provide a fresh boost to your quest.

But with all the optimism in the air, there’s a chance that it may all get a bit much. We’ve all been in situations where the excitement levels were so high that we ended up with burnout or having disagreements or arguments with the people around us. The King of Cups reminds us to keep a check on our emotions; to take the time to calm down and let off some steam. In the push to going after your goals, and with all the forward momentum on offer this month, it’s easy to run so hard and so fast that we forget to build in rest time. But that will be very important this month. Take some time to unwind: end your day with a book; listen to music; meditate; write – make sure you’re doing something that helps you to calm down.

On the positive side, this is a great month to work on mindset issues, as indicated by the Five of Pentacles. The energy and brightness of The Sun can illuminate any limiting beliefs and help you bring them to the surface so you can work through them. This would be a specially good time to work around any limiting beliefs you have around work, money, comfort and success. It would be a good idea is to figure out exactly what success and money mean to you, and how much is enough for you. Here’s an article I wrote a while ago that may help you to start thinking along those lines.

Overall, this is likely to be an exciting month with the opportunity to make some serious strides towards achieving your goals.

I hope this reading resonated with you. Do let me know in the comments!

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  1. Hi, sorry that you unwell with your allergies I hope that this moth is better for you. I enjoyed reading about your predictions for the coming months #mondaystumble

  2. I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to readings and accept them only if they are positive. Convenient, isn’t it? :-). I like the sound of that optimism thanks to the Sun, the sound of new beginnings and projects. Oh and that bit about letting off steam and keeping calm – God knows I need that with the kids’ exams round the corner.

  3. Feb always whizzes past before I can realize it! March is going to be a tense month at home with lots on my plate. Your predictions feel comforting to me and give me hope that things will ease out on their own. Hope you have an eventful March too!

  4. Too right, I’m so glad to escape February and begin the March to spring…so to speak. Very optimistic reading too. I could see much of my own writing projects here…anxiety and trouble are certainly in those!

    That said I’m quietly optimistic at present and see elements of this in your interpretations!

  5. This is kind of perfect for me this month, since I launched my consulting services ? I totally understand the energy and the need to unwind too. My journal habit is helping with that. Positive vines for the win 🙂

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