Wander with me…

let me send you letters

Do you remember a time when we used to write letters?

I used to write to my father, who is in the merchant navy, to my grandparents in Delhi {I grew up in Poona}, and to the many pen pals I made on my travels with my father. I used to write letters to friends, to my boyfriend {now husband}, even to myself!

With the advent of emails and social media, though, letter writing fell to the wayside. And I missed it – the art of writing a letter – it makes you really slow down and think before you write even a single word.

That’s where the idea for Gypsy Wanderings was seeded.

It is my small act of rebellion – a way to fill your email inbox with something meaningful that you will {hopefully} look forward to reading every month, and that will get the art of letter writing flowing again.

Gypsy Wanderings is a monthly, soul-centered letter from me to you. Missives written from my heart – musings on life, creativity, and/or spirituality. They offer an intimate glimpse into my life, but I do hope you will see some of yourself reflected back in these letters too.

Alongside these musings, I’ll tell you about any exciting new developments that I have planned and send you a few of my favorite blog posts from the month. You’ll also get exclusive goodies and a monthly oracle reading!

When you sign up for Gypsy Wanderings, you will also get access to the secret Wanderers Library.

It’s filled with lovely ebooks {including my signature Art Journaling 101 ebook}, workbooks, art prints, desktop wallpapers, and a whole lot of juicy goodness. When there are new goodies to explore, I’ll let you know through the letters!


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