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Nothing gives me more joy than to help YOU to connect with your MAGIC. And I do that the only way I know how: by teaching you the art techniques and tips; the sacred tools and soulful processes that are an integral part of my life. I hope they bring as much joy and healing to you, as they do to me.

Tarot Fundamentals

Want to learn how to read the tarot cards, but not sure where to start? This course is the next best thing to sitting across the table from me and picking my brains about the basics of the Tarot! From how tarot works, to the best tarot decks for beginners, and how to start making sense of the structure and reading the cards, we go through it all! Plus, you get some amazing bonuses, including tarot cheat sheets, an introduction to tarot journaling and more!

Inner YOU: Find & reclaim your I AM power

Join me at the painty table as I show you how to create a beautiful, soulful portrait that embodies your I AM statements. I will also guide you through some powerful exercises to tap into your intuition. Spend some time understanding the importance of your self-talk, connect with your inner healer, and learn how powerful I AM statements can help you on your healing journey.

The Inner Quest Workbook

Journal through uncertainty to gain greater clarity and create a deeper, more meaningful life. As we live through these uncertain times, how can you work through the fear and uncertainty that has been kicked up in the psyche? How can you use this liminal space to find more meaning, a sense of purpose, and a map to guide your journey forward? That is where the Inner Quest workbook comes in.

Book of Days 2022

Join me for Book of Days 2022, a collaborative e-course that will take you on a deep dive into mixed media art journaling. In this year-long course, we will focus on all the ways that working with journal art can enrich and enhance our lives. My lesson will focus on using oracles as a way into your journal. The course is suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced artists, and will help you to create and maintain a practice of meeting yourself on the page. 

The Unbound Journal

Join me in the studio as I show you how I drew inspiration from a carboard box, a pile of lace, old earrings, traveler’s notebooks, and a fun journal structure to come up with a delightfully tactile junk journal. You need very simple supplies to put this journal together, and its highly customizable — I offer very simple and clear instructions to help you easily change the size of your journal. Plus there's a bonus session on painting a fun abstract as the cover page for your brand new journal!

Art journal shots: Atomic Lotus

Join me at the painty table as I take you through the creation of an art journal page from start to finish. We'll explore a range of simple, foundational techniques, including whimsical backgrounds, mark making, stenciling, and more! We'll also explore the theme of alignment with our higher selves through journaling questions and meditation.

Pull Pen Paint 2021

Join me for Pull • Pen • Paint 2021! I'm teaching a lesson on creating non-traditional vision boards - no magazine images required! You will also get access to my masterclass on creating tarot spreads. PPP is focused on using tarot and oracle cards to ignite your intuition, journal using your intuitive insights, and to spark your creativity! We will also incorporate other intuitive guidance systems (astrology, numerology, sigils and more). Join us!