The Kali controversy

Two days back Heidi Klum’s picture was splashed in the newspapers — and she looked absolutely terrifying! It was her Halloween get-up as Goddess Kali. And boy! It was stunning! She looked, exactly, like Kali, right down to the scary red eye make-up!

But, as usual, some people have raked up a controversy over it. Sample this:

Goddess Kali is highly revered in Hinduism and she is meant to be worshipped in temples and not to be used in clubs for publicity stunts or thrown around loosely for dramatic effects

this is offensive, to the Hindu community. I know many other people who would also agree. There may be other things to worry about, but for the Hindu community, retaining self respect and upholding our traditional values is of utpmost importance to us.

my reason for finding offence in the ‘counting of arms’s is quite simply the fact that people are ignoring the issue that she has in fact dressed up as Hindu Goddess and insulting the Hindu community at the same time. I am quite surprised, however that you now admit that you are a Hindu, and find no offence in this matter.

I’m a Hindu and I really DO NOT find it offensive. What I DO find offensive, however, is how her dressing up as Kali is being blown out of proportion. So OK, we worship Kali. And yes, she is an important Hindu deity. But for heaven’s sakes! Why do we get so worked up and ready to froth at the mouth over relegion?! Why can’t we take some things in the spirit in which they are ment to be taken?

What we should be up in arms against is the terrorist activities being carried out by the VHP and Bajrang Dal. They are the real blight to our relegion, which is supposed to be open and tolerant, not closed and fundamentalist.

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  1. Dear dude or dudette, whatever are you. If you really are honest about what you wrote, I salute you with all my heart. I am so fucking tired of fights over religion that I cant describe. I am a very peacefull person, but I feel like I am very close of “Oh my God, how I would like to gather all the extremists from all religions into one place and bomb the hell outta them!”, really. Why there arent more like you are in Hindu and Islam ? How nice would be then.

    • Yes, I’m honest about what I wrote! I’m sick of all of the fundamentalism that surrounds us, and of people getting all wound up about relegion. I do wish people would just be, wouldn’t get inflamed in the name of relegion…the world would be a much better place then! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! 🙂

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