The beauty of a wedding…

…lies in its simplicity.

I was at a very good friend’s wedding this weekend. She had decided to have a small wedding at her house, with just about 35 – 40 people in attednace — a real rarity for an Indian wedding! Her reasoning — a wedding is actually a relegious ceremony, and a sacred one at that. So she wanted to be surrounded by people who love her and who she loves back, where the wedding rituals are the focus, not food and drinks for the guests. This truly was one wedding that I enjoyed and felt happy being a part of — happy for her, of course, and to be able to focus on the rituals, which is the real fun of a wedding, instead of being constantly bothered about being over or under dressed!

Another thing that probably added to the enjoyment at the wedding was that my friend’s best friend, who is based in the US, had brought along a colleague with him. Explaining the rituals and significance behind all the rituals to her got me even more into the wedding mood, probably because it highlighted the sanctity of the ceremonies and vows. And of course, I was glad to know that I know so much about wedding ceremonies and Indian relegion and mythology — I guess you never really know the extent of your knowledge until you are called upon to use it!

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