Learning to let go

As our lives get busier and more hectic, other things take precedence over relationships. While I have almost always relegated time spent with relatives to the backburner, I now find myself spending less and less time keeping in touch with friends. As the demands on my time increase, I’m pulling more into myself. All my walls have gone up…exchanges with people seem more like a collission. And this is leading to the relationship I care most about suffering the most.

We are both in a race against time, our days crammed full of work, with together time relegated to the backseat. It’s a situation that will last for some time into the foresaable future. Instead of trying to fight it, I have to learn to accept it…to learn to let go when necessary so that I can enjoy the limited time that we do have together.

One of my favorite postsecrets says it beautifully…


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  1. I know how that feels like. I want to spend more time with my family and my friends, but I never seem to find the time to do that. I barely have the time to make a phone call or drop by quickly to say hi.

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