Meditation music: Merlin’s magic

This is a very calming and relaxing track, just what I needed to unwind after all the late nights recently!

Hope you found it relaxing too!

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  1. Not at all satanic. But then I am not Christian either ;-)))) Not this one but “Harmony” from Merlins Magic I use daily for my QiGong and when I am very stressed – it is calming and de-stresses me.

  2. I’ll have to check it out on my other laptop – the sound’s out on this one… I’m a very spiritual person, a monotheist, but sometimes I wonder at what others are deeming satanic on You Tube… I’ll be sure to check it out though – now I’m curious. 😉

    Michelle 😉

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  4. I like it , great for the chakras

    check out my web site with the, i have a chakra questionnaire
    on there which test them.
    love life sarah

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