Give yourself permission

Give yourself permission to let go

Image by Capture Queen via Flickr

Today, give yourself permission to liberate yourself from the things that you force yourself to do because you think they “should” be done.

Like forcing yourself to finish reading a book even if it sucks.

Or answering your email as soon as you receive it.

Obsessively checking your Facebook or Twitter.

Thinking that missing a day of posting on your blog will bring about  a catastrophe.

Let go of some of these beliefs that hold you back. You’ll feel liberated. Free. I promise.

For some fun, quirky things to let go of, check out White Hot Truth’s permission slip.

What did you decide to let go of today?

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  1. The missing a post issues I was dealing with month ago when I got sick. It was so hard to let go of, but once I did my life suddenly became easier….

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