Happy father's day, daddy!

My father…he’s been my inspiration, my ideal…the man I can count on no matter what. He’s the one I run to when I’m hurt or happy, when I have a secret to share or need advice. He’s the one who will sit with me patiently, explaining whatever it was that I want to know. He allows me to use my judgement, to make mistakes and learn from them. He’s always there to hold my hand, to steer my course, to lend a shoulder, a word, a kiss.

So today when I browsed through PostSecret, I was saddened by the number of people who posted secrets saying they either were not in touch with their fathers or wished they had a different father. Whose fathers loved them less or were not a part of their lives.

Until I saw this secret:

Thank you to my wonderful parents

Me too!

I love you, mom and dad.

And daddy, Happy Father’s Day! You’re still the one who can heal my hurt with a hug and a kiss…I love you!

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