Book review: Sweet Sanctuary by Sheila Walsh

Sweet Sanctuary book coverSweet Sanctuary tells the story of single mom Wren and her gifted son Charlie. It tells the story of Wren’s family, of how it was torn apart by a horrible incident in their childhood. It weaves in romance, forgiveness and faith.

Yes, there is a strong Christian tone to the story. There’s a lot about putting your faith in God and trusting in him to show you the way. But if you can live with that, you will be rewarded with a beautiful story and wonderful characters.

Sheila Walsh has crafted a fine tale populated with a cast of characters you’ll come to care about. Wren, a librarian with a love for books and a penchant for wondering how her favorite female literary characters will react to any given situation, is struggling to fully accept the Lord and hand over her worries to him. Charlie is a wonderful 10-year old gifted boy who prays to see is mother happy again. That happiness comes from Paul, the restaurant owner who Wren eventually, despite herself, falls in love with, and from the forgiveness and healing of Bette stop ship with her elder sister Barb and younger brother Jack.

Despite the fact that I am not a Christian or into Faith-based books, I enjoyed this novel. I think it would make for a good summer read.

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