Top Tips for Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery is a real challenge for home makers but don’t worry, just as all the other challenges you have faced it you will be winning it too. Very often home makers have to face spills stains on the carpets, clothes and other stuffs. Here are few tips, which can give you a respite from the problems of the stained clothes or Furnitures that have often poised a threat to your peace.

Considerations that Need Attention

There are certain kinds of dirt, dirt or stains that may be handled by home treatments as well and not just by professionals. But before starting your treatment you must consider the following aspects

• The type of fabric
• The severity and location of the stain
• And the nature of stain
If you are not sure regarding the type of fabric, you can call up the retailer and ask him. In case of synthetic material, you can safely treat on it since the material is made for ease of maintenance. Yet you should consider the treatment in some hidden area first. But if it is made from more than fifty per cent cotton then you may have to call on professional cleaners.

Understand the Cleaning Codes

Before applying any kind of cleaner you must first look into your furniture or other stuff and follow the instructions after finding the following codes-

1. W: this code means that water can be used in cleaning this furniture.

2. S: this code states that a cleaning solvent can be used on this upholstery.

3. SW: this code means that you can use water as well as solvent cleaners on the upholstery.

4. X: this code states that neither water nor any kind of solvent must be used (in this type of furniture either brushes or simple vacuum must be used). It must be dry cleaned.

Kinds of Stains

There are numerous kinds of stains, but the most common is spilling of tea or coffee and milk. Here are some easy tips how you may handle some kinds of stains-

1. Coffee: For removing coffee stains you can use a combination of dish detergent, vinegar, water and dab on it. You will notice that the coffee stain will disappear.

2. Mold: For treatment of mold you will have to use hydrogen per oxide quarter cup and color safe bleach quarter teaspoon. First clean the area with the mixture and remove excess of solution with clean water. The stains will be removed after drying.

3. Baby Food: Children are in the habit of dropping food everywhere and a simple wipe off with the baby wipes are good enough. The wipes have the right consistency of soap and water, and they simply wipe off.

4. Crayon Stains: Crayon can be ideally handled by using tooth paste that is not gel based. Use the technique in a short area and as soon as you are done rub it off.

5. Oil and Grease: These may be the toughest of stains and it may take time to remove it. You will have to use salt and corn-starch, sprinkling them on the stain and let the oil be absorbed. Then you can put some powder dust.

For daily care, you can use a vacuum cleaner for best results. Special attachments are found in them that can remove dust even from smart corners. Also keep a spot remover handy you can find it at your local market, and it is also remarkably affordable. Always try not to use any water based cleaners on your upholstery.

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