Meet the blogger: While the coffee brews

While the coffee brews…get to know a bit about Naina Madan.

When you land on her blog, you’re greeted by bright, happy colors and a lovely header done with cool fonts and a really cute graphic of a girl on a bike.

Naina shares little slices from her life in a chatty, relatable tone. Even if you don’t generally like reading personal blogs, you’ll be drawn in by her writing style.

While she talks about events – large and small – from her life, she has a knack of writing in a way that establishes a connection with the reader. For example, while mentioning that she quit her job at an advertising agency, Naina embarks on a series of what if questions. Her reflections on her life prompt you, the reader, to examine your own. It’s not always that we look back and realize how far down the road we have traveled, and to be able to nudge strangers to acknowledge their own journey is a gift indeed!

She also writes some wonderful haiku and experiments with different forms of poetry. And I really enjoyed reading all her Mumbai Melange posts.

I have a few small suggestion for Naina to make her blog even more awesome:

1. Include a list of categories so that it is easier to find more posts of a similar kind.

2. Consider having more posts on one page – having to constantly click on older posts after 2 posts can put readers off.

3. Include some more options to let people connect with you – your blog’s Facebook page, or your Twitter profile, maybe?

If you haven’t bumped into her already, do hop over to her blog and say hi!

This post is part of Indiblogeshawari’s secret blog elves initiative.

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  1. And there arrived my secret santa with such a lovely post!! Thank you so much for this. I am so glad you liked it the first time you visited the space. Your feedback has been duly noted and I shall put it in action sooonest.
    Thank you, santa. And hope to see you more!

  2. I like this blogger initiative. So good to get some constructive feedback like this. I just hopped on over to her blog and realized she’s on Blogger, which doesn’t have Category feature. They only so Labels, one of the reasons I had for jumping ship to WordPress.

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