{H} My favorite things: beginning with the letter H

Today I share with you some of my favorite H words – illustrated. Enjoy!

(All images from my favorite site – Pinterest! Most images link to the original source)

Happiness – because that’s my default state 😉

hapy heart happy soul

Hearts – I love hearts – the quirkier the better!


eal – ‘cause we all need a little bit of healing


History – because curious minds need to know


Hippy – that’s what I am at heart (and I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sandals!)

That’s a little bit about me – tell us a little bit about you, and to make it more fun, use H words (though that isn’t a requirement, of course!)

Here are some more of my favorite things

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  1. You have such nice clean feet.. no cracks an all.. Mine crack even if I roam around a day or two without socks

    Had I not posted about food, for me H would be Harry Potter

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