The ultimate New Year gift guide

Thoughtful and quirky gifts and experiences that support small, sustainable businesses

Ultimate new year gift guide supporting small sustainable businesses

With the end of the year fast approaching, it’s time to start planning your Christmas and New Year gifts! Be it for Secret Santa at work, stocking stuffers for family, or thoughtful gifts for close friends, choosing the right gift makes all the difference. And if you’re like me, worried about stepping outdoors due to a pesky new virus variant, why not try shopping from the comfort of your home?

You don’t have to buy boring, unimaginative gifts either. Instead, I’ve put together some thoughtful, quirky, whimsical gift ideas, all of which also support small, sustainable businesses. In my book, that’s always a win!

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My Favorite Things: New Year Gifts

It’s almost the end of the year, y’all! And the end of the year means that its time for New Year Gifts! So, without further ado, let me present to you some jaw-droppingly awesome gifts for your literary friends.

You know how those literary types (me included) love to say “so many books, so little time”? Well, how about gifting them this gorgeous pendant that immortalizes the refrain.


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{D} My favorite things: DIY projects to try

I love DIY projects! I love looking at them, marveling and the creativity of the people who make these gorgeous treasures. I’ve been hoarding DIY ideas ever since I can remember. But this year, I want to actually sally forth and do them myself! Here are a few of my favorites

These darling teacup candles are a lovely way to save an old cup that you don’t want to use anymore.

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My favorite things: Winter Wardrobe

I love winters! The crisp, cold air. Steaming mugs of coffee. Curling up under a quilt and reading until my eyes fall out. And all those lovely sweaters and scarves!

So in this edition of My Favorite Things, I present to you some lovely, high-street winter wear!

I don’t know about you, but I love to make a statement with my woolens. And this sweater from Mango just screams casual, laid-back, stylish.Continue reading

My favorite things

Now that I’ve got the bookshelf of my dreams – imagine a built-in bookcase along one entire wall, running from floor to ceiling, filled with books and a few nick-knacks – I’m on the lookout for a cozy reading chair. And as I look at designs and despair of ever finding anything that will fit into the tiny little spot I have, I leave you with these cool reading chairs.

Because, really, how could you not want this chair on wheels? After all, you never know where in the house you’d like to read. And of course, you have to have at least a couple of books along with you, because you never know what you might want to read!Continue reading

My favorite things

With Diwali, the festival of lights, just around the corner, I’ve been pouring over ideas for unique lighting ideas. And boy, there are so many that made me go Ooooh! Here are a few of my favorites…

I fell head over heels in love with these fairy lights in a cage – found on The Wishing Chair’s pinterest board. Aren’t these totally moody?

fairy lights in a cage

Then there are these fairy lights and butterflies around a mirror. They’d make a girl look tantalizing, don’t you think?

Fairy lights around mirror

And these cool, colorful lanterns strung up along a window could be a decorative item from Diwali through New Year. You could also make it a part of your decor if you can pull it off right!

tea lights strung up

If you’ve got a crafty bone in your body (and by that I mean the DIY kind), you could try making these amazing egg carton flower lights. Aren’t they gorgeous?

egg carton flower lights

Or maybe this glowing jar light…

glowing jar lights

Or how about this DIY bottle full of light? Just change the snowflake with something seasonal, and it could be a talking piece year-round!

DIY bottle lights

Now it’s your turn – which one of these is your favorite?

Take a look at some more of my favorite things…

My favorite things…

I’ve had home decor on my mind lately. A friend of mine is hard at work doing up a house for her in-laws. As we spoke about the latest in paints and wallpaper, fittings and furniture, I clicked online to look for some pretty do-dads for the house.

I love this blue, and the simplicity of the vase. Filled with flowers, or even empty, this vintage Swiss studio pottery vase would lend a touch of elegance to any room.

vintage swiss studio pottery blue vase

Another vase I really loved is this Royal Copenhagen vase. It’s unique, elegant, sophisticated. What a style statement!

Royal Copenhagen unique vase

But, I’m more of an artsy kinda gal, making this Turkish plate more up my alley. Lovely blue, gorgeously intricate, with great use of white space. Find a couple of more plates, and you have yourself a collection that you can hang up in your kitchen to liven it up a bit.

Turkish plate

This fun, quirky Murano glass lamp is sure to brighten up any corner and serve as a conversation starter. Don’t you just love the colors and patterns on this beauty?

Murano table lamp

And finally, a stunning ceramic sculpture by Roswell, Georgia based ceramic artist Debra Fritts.

Sculpture - Speaking To The Water

So, which one of these is your favorites?

Take a look at some more of my favorite things…

My favorite things…

My favorite things is back…after almost a year! I’m so excited to start this series once again. No fixed days or schedule, just a bunch of beautiful, drool-worthy things shared with you as the inspiration strikes.

With the summer sun blaring down on us here in New Delhi, all I have on my mind is ice-cold drinks and easy to cook food.

Nothing beats the heat like a nice, tall glass of ice cold latte. If you consume copious quantities of this refreshing drink, head on over to Pioneer Woman and find out how to make a ice latte concentrate that you can store in your fridge.

Heavy food during summer is a complete no-no, so why not try this yummy fruit salad (recipe by Jamie Oliver)

or try out these really interesting watermelon balsamic cubes (recipe by ShowFood Chef)

If it’s cake that you fancy, but can’t bear the thought of standing in a hot kitchen whisking and beating, try this super simple, totally yummy 1-Pan Fudge Cake (recipe by Ovenhaven)

And finally, if only some desert will do, try out this yummy No Bake Orange Cheesecake (recipe by Modern Gypsy)

What are your favorite summer recipes?

Here are a few more of my other favorite things.

My favorite things…

It’s been a long, long time since I shared some of my favorite things with you, my dear readers, hasn’t it? These days, I’ve got camera bags swimming around in my head! Here are some of the drool-worthy bags I’m trying to choose between.

First up are these cool Epiphanie bags that are all the buzz these days.

Like this yummy blue Clover bag – it’s to die for!

Epiphanie Bag Clover

Or how about the luscious red Lola

Epiphanie Bags Red Lola

And isn’t there something to be said for the simple, down-to-earth Ginger?

Epiphanie Bags Ginger

Then there’s Jo Totes‘ latest offering – Millie

Jo totes Millie

Although for some reason, I am most drawn to this pure leather bag from Jill-e

jill-e small red bag

And to this nylon swing bag too

Jill-e purple swing bag

The combination of these last two bags, and I think I should be good to go!

What do you think? Do you own any of these bags? Like them? Hate them? Do let me know!

Here are a few more of my other favorite things.