An evening of soul stirring music with Samvad

Music has no boundaries, no religion, no caste, creed, color. No discrimination. Music just has soul. It has the power to bring together people from around the world, from different backgrounds, from varying musical traditions, and to meld them into a cohesive, soul-stirring whole.

SamvadIgino Giovanni Brunori and Virginia Nicoli of Samvad are one such innovative musical duo, crafting new sounds from ancient materials. Samvad’s original compositions and improvisations are founded on the most rigorous traditions of Indian Classical music, Dhrupad. They’ve forged their own musical language in which raga and tala remain the core features.

I was lucky to be able to attend a concert recently, where they were accompanied by brilliant Pakhawaj player Sukhad Munde. And for someone like me, who has no knowledge of Indian Classical music, nor much of a taste for it, it was a revelation. Their music was almost meditative…it made you want to dance with joy…to sway to the beat of the Pakhawaj, to lose yourself in the sweet, deep notes of the flute.


In fact, a lot of the audience got up and did just that – got up and danced, swayed, whirled…let the music move through their bodies and release pent up emotions. It was a magical, energetic evening, and my first experience at Zorba the Buddha – I’m quite sure I’ll be back for more!

Click here to sample their music.

P.S.: Sorry for the grainy pictures – the light was dim and all I had was my phone!

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