{M} Make it simple: the beauty of simple line work in black and white

I love color – luscious blues, royal purples, lush pinks, the glint of metallic paint, a riot of colors, texture, shapes, layers. Surrounded by paints in a variety of hues, it’s easy to forget the basics – black and white; line, form and shape; light shading; the simplicity that can also create a huge impact.

Monocromatic art journal page

So here’s your challenge for today.  Pull out some paper, a black watersoluble pencil (sketch and wash charcoal pencil, Inktense pencil or watercolour pencil), and play with just this simple palette.

I chose to do a black and white portrait with a hint of color, but you can choose any subject of your choice.  Add some doodles, a few paint splatters, a quote – whatever suits your fancy. Just remember to keep the color palette black and white {maybe with a hint of color}.

And don’t forget to share your sketches/paintings with me!

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  1. I can’t draw to save my life, but I love reading all these art posts 🙂 You’ve so much talent. Amazing.

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