{O} Oodles of doodles: doodling in your art journal

Doodling is something all of us do – during college lectures and boring meetings, while talking on the phone, when we’re bored. They’re simple, fun, and perfect to incorporate in your art journal.

doodling_to_tie_in_pageHere are a few ideas on how you can add doodles to your page:

  • Create a simple doodled frame for your page.
  • Hang doodles off elements on your spread.
  • Doodle as your final step to tie your page together.
  • Mix doodles and lettering to create a fun, sketchbook style page in your journal.
  • Draw chunky letters and doodle within them.

Need some doodle inspiration?

Take a look at my Pinterest board or pick up these books:

Put this lesson to work: Short on time? Create a doodled letter in your art journal. If you have more time, try your hand at a sketchbook-style page.

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  1. I’ve done doodling mostly to pass time in class, never realised I could make it a thing. I love what you’ve described and done with your doodles 🙂

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