#MicroBlog Mondays: The first Gurgaon BYOB meet-up

The first Gurgaon BYOB (where the last B stands for books, not booze) meet-up took place yesterday at The Wishing Chair’s adorable Mad Teapot cafe. It was quite a turn out, and I was blown away by the variety of books and authors that people brought along to the discussion. Ranging from Murakami and Rushdie, to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, to an Indian author from Nagaland and an Iranian graphic novelist (yes, the Iranian graphic novelist), to a pilot and a sports writer – the discussion was engaging, illuminating, and passionate. The best thing was the absence of Chetan Bhagat and his ilk – although there was quite a heated debate on bad writing and there being no such thing as bad writing. It was a stimulating meet-up, and I came away with a couple of more books added to my TBR list. Here’s to more BYOB events in Gurgaon; may the tribe of readers grow!

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  1. Loved the idea of meeting a bunch of bibliophiles and having an enlightening discussion with the excited bunch of people 🙂
    I couldn’t help but chuckle on how delighted you were ( I too would have been) that no one brought any books by Chetan Bhagat 😉

  2. Oh the joy of being able to talk about books with other bibliophiles! My book club did a similar read what you want month- the discussion of the books we chose and why was really good!

    • Yes – I found it really stimulating to hear about such a variety of books and authors. Some I had heard of, some not, and I came away so much richer for the interaction!

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