#MicroBlogMondays – On choosing inner work


Sometimes you have to choose between All The Things and the Quiet Things. The outer excitement and the inner work. It can be a hard choice at times. On the one hand you have exciting events, fun shopping trips, lunch dates with friends. On the other, you have quiet contemplation, shadow work, and uncovering of old wounds. But sometimes, you have to let the quiet win. The rewards are longer lasting and beautiful. At other times, do All The Things. It’s also all about balance!

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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this. It’s one of my favorite subjects. The inner work makes the outer excitement that much more rewarding for me. If I can head out into the fun events with a feeling of peace and calm, I can handle all of the frenetic energy and uncertainties of the other stuff so much better.

    • Oh yes! Peace and calm are huge for me. Sometimes I find myself stressed out in noisy gatherings, even if those gatherings are on things I enjoy. I’ve learnt to recognize my moods and honor them, which I think is really important!

  2. Never have I been described as a, “social butterfly” I do still like to be out and about at times. My challenge is that my desire to be indoors works to override being out and about and the guilt I sometimes feel for not doing this or that. Still working to achieve a more equitable balance and feeling good about that.

    • In struggling with the same things too – I do like to be out & about, but I’d much rather be indoors. I have to sometimes force myself to make weekend plans to meet friends. I guess we are just more hermit like!

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