My debut eBook: Art Journaling 101 – yours for free!


I’m so excited to share my debut eBook with you – Art Journaling 101.

It’s the guide I wish I had when I started art journaling!

Art Journaling 101 is designed especially with the beginner in mind. The eBook is geared towards those who have or prefer to work with  limited supplies – or are suffering from art supply overwhelm and want to simplify their stash, if only for a while!

What the Art Journaling ebook is about:

Demystifying art journals – one alphabet at a time.

Take everything you ever learnt or thought about art and throw it out the window. In an art journal, there are no rules – it’s all about fun, exploration, and painty play.  Chock full of helpful hints, tips, and step-by-step how-tos, Art Journaling 101 is designed for the beginner who has few or no supplies, and who may have limited access to all the gorgeous, “must have” supplies that seem to be released almost every day. Within this interactive eBook, you’ll find:

  • Step-by-step techniques, including a simple stepped out demonstration on drawing a whimsical face.
  • A curated, basic supply list that gives you the perfect starting point to explore art journaling, as well as a curated reading list to explore various topics in a much more in-depth manner.
  • Some thought-provoking and meaningful themes to encourage you to explore your creativity fearlessly.
  • Lots of eye-candy from my art journals, as well as interactive elements, including links to YouTube videos from a variety of teachers to offer you some inspiration and help you to develop your skills.

Also peppered through these pages are a number of small assignments to help you to put all that you’re learning to practice.

Find out just how fulfilling it can be to embark on a creative journey armed with a few basic supplies and an enquiring mind!

Download your copy of the Art Journaling ebook for free

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What’s in the letters?

Gypsy Wanderings is a monthly, soul-centered letter from me to you. Missives written from my heart – musings on life, creativity, and/or spirituality. They offer an intimate peek into my life, but I hope you will see some of yourself reflected back in these letters too. Each month, I will also send you some exclusive subscriber-only content {this could range from exclusive Facebook headers, art prints, journal prompts or thematically curated book lists}, along with links to some of my latest blog posts. Letters are sent out on the first Saturday of every month. Sounds good?

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Note: The newsletter is not focused on art journals. It’s in line with the philosophy of this blog – so it’s going to be a mixed bag of interesting content. 

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  1. I signed up to get your free Ebooks (which I know I am going to enjoy) but in registering l mists kingly delete the password. How do I get a new password to download your book? I tried and unsubscribing and subscribing again but unfortunately it remembers me. Darn! Dot Trimble recommended your new Ebooks. Thanks, God bless

  2. . Congratulations on your book. I was so excited to get the ebook for free (as i have just started to do ART JOURNALING but unfortunately after giving my details no email or download link came. Don’t know why.

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  7. I’ve been enjoying all your posts for quite a while now! I was super excited to know more about art journaling as I love creating stuff but too scared to give it a try without some help. I did subscribe to your newsletters and got the link but couldn’t go further to download the book. I’d really appreciate a copy!

    P.S: Keep blogging! Your thoughts and words may resonate with someone more than you know! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Bhavika. I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts and thoughts!

      The art journaling book is in the secret Wanderer’s Library, to which you have access as you are a newsletter subscriber. 😉

      The login details will be sent out with the next newsletter, which will be sent out on the first Saturday in January 2017. If you still have problems accessing the ebook, do let me know and I’ll send you a copy. 🙂

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