#InstaTales 2: Stardust and Light

We are all made of stardust and light. Of magic and infinite possibilities. The spark is within us all – we just have to learn to tune in to it, to follow the call of our heart, heed the advice of our soul. We hear it in the quiet whispers, in the fizz of joy that runs through our veins, through the lightbulb that goes on in our heart when we are doing what we love.

Yet we damp it down and turn it off, because we seem to think that the only way to tap into this engine of possibility within us is to turn away from the practicalities of every day life. But this is not true.

We are put here on this earth to follow that spark, to heed the calling, to follow it down the path it leads us. Doing this does not mean that we neglect the day to day practicalities of living. It means creating the space and the time to nurture that spark. 15 minutes a day, a couple of hours over the weekend, after dinner is done and the kids are asleep. This daily nurturing keeps the spark glowing and burning. It makes life less mundane and more magical.

Follow your passion down the path it leads you – be it straight and narrow or meandering and circular or veering off wildly into different directions – it will all fall in to place. And even if it doesn’t, how does that really matter? Passion, after all, is personal. It can also be fickle. If it puts food on the table, that is great. If it does not, it matters not, for it is feeding your soul.

If you’re looking for a manifesto for living a magical life, read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic. A powerful and impassioned plea to never give up on your passion.

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    • May I make a suggestion? Find tiny bits of time to work on your spark – 15 mins on a busy day, maybe more on the weekends or when the kids are out or family is engaged elsewhere. I really believe we owe it to ourselves to nurture that spark however we can. When we let it go out, life seems more routine and dull. That’s been my experience, anyway. I hope you find some time to nurture your spark!

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