#InstaTales 2: Stardust and Light

We are all made of stardust and light. Of magic and infinite possibilities. The spark is within us all – we just have to learn to tune in to it, to follow the call of our heart, heed the advice of our soul. We hear it in the quiet whispers, in the fizz of joy that runs through our veins, through the lightbulb that goes on in our heart when we are doing what we love.

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#InstaTales 1: The gathering house

Welcome to Insta-tales! A new series where I will use one of my original photographs or digital composites as a starting point to weave together a story, a life lesson, or an anecdote. Hope you enjoy today’s offering – a short story! {It’s my first attempt at fiction, so please be kind!}

The gathering house

I wiped my dusty hands across my brow and took a final look around the attic. Everything had been sorted out – five huge garbage bags of thrash were piled up at the backdoor, two cartons were earmarked for charity, and five shoe boxes of treasured memories lay at the foot of my bed. As I was about to turn off the light, something glinted at the corner of my vision. On closer inspection, I noticed a small, dusty box with gilded edges that I had never seen before. I picked it up and made my way to the bedroom.

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