My friend and I

I’m curled up on the sofa, looking out at the rain falling steadily down. The weather outside – rainy, overcast, ominous – reflect the thoughts swirling around my head.

There’s an inner turmoil that’s been brewing within me since a long, long time. A problem that seems to have no solutions. No matter how much I try, or how often I upbraid myself for failing, it just doesn’t seem to work out.

And now I’m convinced there’s more to the problem than meets the eye. It’s not a simple case of do X to achieve Y. There’s something buried deep within; this problem has spiritual roots.

In times such as these – especially in times such as these – I turn to my trusted friend and advisor. Armed with a hot cup of chai and a notebook filled with questions, I meet her and pour my heart out to her. And her answers always astound me.

Her deep wisdom, no bullshit attitude, and gentle guidance have never failed to illuminate my path. In fact, she’s helped some of my friends and loved ones out too, pouring forth her wisdom almost on demand.

My 2 am friend. My biggest support in times of intense confusion. My daily companion. My deck of tarot cards.

Update: This offer is now closed. If you want a tarot reading, please book a Tarot reading

As a special Friendship Day offer, the first 3 people to ask for a tarot reading  in the comments get a FREE email reading with me. In exchange, I would like an honest testimonial that I may feature online.  

This post has been written in association with Chaayos & Blogchatter on occasion of Friendship Day

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  1. oh, well. You will not run out of money. I can vouch for that. 🙂 U have already so many running behind you for the TAROT Reading. charge all of them. (EVIL Grin). he-he

  2. I know just what you mean about a problem being so much more than the obvious. For a moment I thought it was your diary you turned to. I found the key through writing my Morning Pages. I know a few people who use Tarot cards, but I’m fascinated to know about how they worked for you.

    • I found Morning Pages hard to do, mainly because I’m not a morning person and have a tight schedule in the mornings. The Tarot works really well for me, to help me to gain a different perspective and deeper understanding on a situation. I’m guessing another post on the Tarot is in my future. 😉

    • I’ll be happy to! I offer Tarot card readings via email – check the shop for pricing and to ask for a reading 🙂

    • hahha! Don’t be sad about it. You can get an email reading from me if you like…just head over to the shop page 🙂

  3. Heyyy you are the first real person I know who is into tarrot reading. I have been mesmerised with them since a long time. Wanted to learn. But never got a chance. Maybe some time in future ?. You built up this post so well. Painted a mystic picture here.

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