Begin today

Today, a brand new gift of 24 hours.
A fresh slate to start anew.
Myriad possibilities, new potential,
so many little things we can change.

Beginnings – a new morning
a fresh cup of coffee
maybe the same old breakfast,
but maybe some new thoughts and deeds?

Put them together and you get a new beginning.
Do it often enough and you get to change your life.

What will you begin today?

I’m starting today with a new ritual. Coffee + reading – no looking at the phone the minute I get up.

Today also marks the beginning of my 2017 planning – I’ll be choosing a focus word for the year, decoding the year, and planning the one ahead.

Are you on the lookout for a lovely 2017 planner? I may have just the thing for you – the Decoding the Year workbook that you can use to create your sparkling 2017! Please enter your email below to download your copy. {If you’re already subscribed to my newsletter, you should have already received the planner!}

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  1. I am guilty of checking my phone right after waking up. I got the link for the workbook… Will download at home. Thank you for that. You are so organized… I haven’t even thought about the new year goals.

    • I know, I am too! And I really want to break the habit. I hope you enjoy the workbook – it will help you work out your new year goals too. 😉

  2. I also start the day with coffee + reading! I don’t turn the wifi on on my phone until I’ve read for half an hour. I love this interval. I do it every day before work. It helps to not have kids. It’s a moment of peace and non-electronic comfort.

    • That’s a good tip! I wake up and turn on the wifi on my phone even before I get out of bed. I really need to stop doing that!

  3. I think your word for next year is inspire 🙂 you are a legend Shinjini and every word you write is heartwarming .. Need the planner pls mail it to me ?
    My morning ritual is taking a deep breath . My mornings have always been rushed and I realised I used to get stressed & my whole day used to go for a toss . Now I ensure I start the day on a happy relaxed note .. It’s really working for me !

    • And achievement unlocked! 😉 Thank you so much Chandni.

      Starting the morning off on a relaxed note is a lovely way to start your day. The stress doesn’t seem all that stressful (or at least not as quickly as it used to!).

      PS: check your mailbox 😉

  4. Oh yes, this is something I too have been working on. More of reading books, writing and art, less of looking at the phone. And, it feels so good! It’s refreshing not being a victim to the phone for once. It’s a habit I am developing, which I am sure will help me in the year to come! 🙂

    • “Victim to the phone” – that actually makes sense! All the best with less screen time…I’m working on it too. So far I’m failing miserably, but I ain’t giving up just yet. 😉

    • Oh yes, there are days when I can get up only after I have looked at the phone. It’s almost like the thing that jolts me into wakefulness. And I really want to change that.

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