Getting to know The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle cards

I’ve spent a couple of months working with the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle cards, and I’m in love with them. These cards are mysterious, powerful, and pack an insightful punch.


As I had mentioned in the unboxing post, they are the same size as regular Tarot cards. The black and white sketches with splashes of color lend them a sense of mystery and power, which I like. 

Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle Cards: Deck Review

The deck is divided into five elements – Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit, echoing the structure of Tarot cards (the 4 suits + the major arcana). This is unlike most other oracle decks that I have worked with, and I quite like it. The cards themselves are focused on the influences, feelings and emotions that each of the animals evokes.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle cards can be read intuitively, although the foldout that comes with the deck is handy for the times when you don’t quite know an animal too well, or are not sure how to interpret it in a reading. I would also recommend the guidebook (sold separately), as it lends deeper insights into the artist’s creation process and the structure of the cards. Also included are a few spreads and more detailed interpretation of each of the cards, including keywords for reversed meanings (or “negative” positions such as concerns or obstacles) and how to bring a particular energy into balance.

I’ve found my readings with the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle cards to be on point, provoking some deep reflection and offering practical guidance.

To give you a sense of how they work, here’s a fun reading that I did with these cards.

The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle Cards: Deck Interview

A deck interview is a fun way to get to know your cards and start to forge a deeper connection with them. This is how my interview with these cards went:


What are you here to teach me? Panther – How to cut out the unnecessary noise and baggage, be productive, and keep growing.

Describe yourself. Deer – The deck embodies The Mother archetype, offering gentle, loving and intuitive guidance.

How do you see me? Starfish – As a lover of beauty, creative and artistic, but afraid of putting in the hard work to achieve said beauty. {Word!}

How can we work together? Tarantula – By offering guidance that will help me claim my life’s purpose and helping me prioritize tasks so that I’m not shirking. {Awesome!}

Your strengths. Lion – It’s an excellent deck for self transformation and helping me achieve mastery over myself. {Woo-hoo!}

Your weakness. Elephant – When you feel constantly stuck, these cards alone may not be enough to help clear your confusion. {Combine them with the Tarot!}

Our potential together. Zebra – It can help me to enhance my creative and visionary powers, expand my horizons and spark my enthusiasm for life! {Bring it on!}

So there you have it – my review and deck interview with The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit oracle deck!

What did you make of this review? And would you like me to review some of my other oracle decks as well? Let me know in the comments!

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    • Thanks Malini! It was a fun and interesting interview.

      The fish loves flowing with the current – movement, movement, still more movement. Which is good, but can get tiring. And given all the possibilities out there, the fish can become lost without clear goals and intentions.

      Hope that answers your question? 🙂

  1. I find this so fascinating… I don’t know much about oracle cards and have read about it only in your blogs … There must be a deep relationship between you and the cards for you to understand them so well.

    • There’s also guide books 😉 Although you do need to understand the cards and the energies and then interpret them according to what’s happening in your life. It takes a while to figure it out, but oracle cards are easier to learn than Tarot cards. They’re also fun and profound and magical! {I hope I don’t sound crazy! ;)}

    • Trust me Sid, they’re mystical and magical and all kinds of wonderful! The insights never fail to amaze me, and when I actually work on them {ahem!} they blow my mind!

    • It does take some time to understand them, but oracle cards are – I think – easier to understand than Tarot. Tarot is a lifelong learning experience; you’re constantly learning new things about them with each reading!

  2. looks so wonderful, these wild animal prints, especially the one you have featured Jini! I am trying to get a reading done, but you know it always slips my mind, only when I visit your blog I am reminded. May be I n eed to make a reminder!

    • They’re stunning cards! I love the illustrations and the use of color. Maybe you should just book a reading whenever you drop by the blog next 😉

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